Re-Inspire, Reset & Revive

Personalized transformative experiences in an intimate setting.

Have you laid the groundwork to shift yourself to the next level?

Whether you are celebrating letting go of a false-good life, seating your new Feel Good Life, or looking to anchor the work you have learned with me, there is a Cloud9 Retreat for you.

Always held in a beautiful, welcoming and luxury location. Always intimate with one-on-one time and small group experiences. Always curated by Spirit and intuition to support you in your personal journey.

I cannot predict what will unfold for you during your stay. I can only assure you that you will emerge anew, transformed in exactly the ways you’ve been longing for.

Guided by spirit for you,


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My primary hope for my private and group retreats with Isabelle was to get 48 hours of peace and quiet, a short break from the busyness of life with two young children. Although it was difficult to leave them behind I knew I would get something yet unnamed out of my retreat experiences.
Both retreats were physically restful and spiritually invigorating. Isabelle’s connection to my energy and my needs and the needs of the group was apparent as she gently encouraged me to ensure I was participating in a way that was most beneficial for me. She wanted to make every moment count.
As difficult as it was to step away from my life for two days, it was well worth it. Both retreats resulted in a feeling of grounding and deeper connection.
— Kristin C., Manager , Shannon L. Martin Foundation

Cloud9 Delights


Luxurious comfort to revive. A Place of Refuge and Transformation.

Reenergize, reboot and relax in surroundings carefully selected to support you in your transformation.

You are not reading this by accident or coincidence. You are being drawn in, because your heart led you here. Cloud 9 was created for you. Whether you need respite from the day-to-day frenzy or a deep immersion in your Self and your body, this sacred space is calling you in.

Everything about the Cloud 9 Sanctuary is designed to soothe, enliven and pleasure your senses. My desire is that by staying here, you find relaxation and a deeper sense of trust in relationship to your body, life and Spirit.


Let’s Make Magic Together

Experiences at Cloud 9 are infused with magic and a sense of being outside-of-time. It is a place of healing and expansion that feeds the soul.

Whatever you bring to your time at Cloud 9 will be met with mystery and enchantment. The spirit of this sacred space is vital and engaged, thrilled by the transformations taking place within.

Your experience here is a spontaneous response to who you are and the questions in your heart, both spoken and unspoken. It is my intention that you leave having metabolized the shifts you make during your stay, ready to carry them forward into your everyday life.


Enjoy A Variety of Retreat Offerings

Customized to the inspiration of an individual, couple or group to create the perfect experience. Some past Retreats have aligned with the below…

“Feel Good Now” VIP Retreat – Join an intimate group of women for an experiential exploration of HOW to increase your capacity to feel good –and feel God– IN your body and in your life.

“Navigate Difficult Emotions with Ease” Retreat– Whether you work with me privately or with a small group of liked-souled people, you spend 2 nights/3 days learning to welcome ALL of your emotions. This allows you to show up in the world fearlessly, knowing you can trust your capacity to be with whatever life throws your way.

Design A Personalized Retreat Just For You – Co-create a personalized retreat with Isabelle to support you in nurturing what you’re calling forth. Come solo or include your girlfriends, sisters or spouse!


I came to my retreat having no expectations, and a slight amount of trepidation about what an unstructured, Spirit-led forty-eight hours would entail.

Isabelle’s devotion to intentional time, meditation, comfort, nurturing sensations and exquisitely nourishing food was not only a beautiful experience, but a blueprint for everyday life. Magic is often a carelessly used word – but these 48 hours were like slow-motion magic. Surprises emerging from nowhere, ideas and beliefs transfigured, and space for spirit divined.
— Jennifer T., Feel Good Life Apprentice and Executive Coach

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Isabelle’s house is an enchanting place set on acres of beautiful Colorado countryside with dramatic views of the Flatiron mountains beside Boulder. The house is filled with beautiful furnishings, cozy nooks for reading, and jewel-colored orchids. It’s a truly serene setting with an old world vibe. And the food! Isabelle’s meals are extraordinary. We eat in a dining room decorated with antiques from her childhood in Switzerland.

Every time I’ve gone to a retreat at Isabelle’s, I’ve been astounded by her dedication to my welfare. It’s clear her highest intention is to honor me. She doesn’t teach or preach, but rather accompanies me on a journey of discovery. The two of us explore questions, ideas, and insights we have along the way. She is as curious and excited as I am to witness the paths that unfold right before us.

Isabelle is as wise and welcoming as anyone I’ve ever known. With her as my ally, I have been able to retire old stories that have kept me from moving forward. I’ve found ways to use the gifts I’ve been given and uncovered gifts I hadn’t even known were mine. I’ve found focus and time to finish projects I’ve wanted to complete for years. I have claimed strength and power I didn’t know I possessed.
— Joanie Rahn Collins, Photographer