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Your Feel Good Life Apprenticeship

Sometimes a change is so profound that we want to share what we learned with others. After repeated requests from clients and others touched by The Feel Good Life Method, I created The Feel Good Life Apprentice Program. This powerful program allows you to become an ambassador of this work and challenges you to grow both personally and professionally.

The 6-month Apprenticeship Program teaches you to embody the Feel Good Life Method at a cellular level so that it becomes your new default. Only then will you feel truly confident about teaching it to individuals, groups, and organizations. The curriculum below clarifies the map of your journey.

At the end of the Program, you have the opportunity to become certified as a Feel Good Life Practitioner. This allows you to bring this work out wherever you feel most inspired to, with the support of the Feel Good Life community.

If you are ready to make a bigger impact in the world, but haven’t known how, let’s have a chat. This is likely just what you’ve been looking for.

The Apprenticeship enrollment is closed for 2019.

To learn more about next year’s Apprenticeship, schedule a call with me.

*To ensure one-on-one attention, apprentice classes are limited annually to 6 participants.

Every time I re-engage with the simplicity and power of Isabelle’s Feel Good Life model, I feel refreshed and inspired. It strikes me how much good can come from this accessible, wise, transformative teaching.
— Jennifer T., Feel Good Life Certified Practitioner, Executive coach

What does the Apprenticeship look like…

Begins April 2019

Get to know your new cohort as you meet the fabulous Apprentices that you’ll journey with over the next 6 months! This intimate group of people will support you, cheer you on, and challenge you as you develop new depths and skills.


Experience 1-0n-1 support in monthly calls with just you and i

As I honor each individual’s path, you and I spend one-on-one time together each month on a private coaching call. On the call, I accelerate you through any obstacles getting in your way and bring more light to your unique version of the Feel Good Methodology. This is time focused on your unique needs and desires.


Embody a solid foundation through Participating in the “Create a Heaven on Earth Life” Course

Imagine immersing yourself in the 8-week pre-recorded course, attending the weekly Live group coaching calls for the course, and THEN experiencing 30 mns of post-class Apprenticeship coaching with me and your cohort. Each week, as you attend the Live group coaching calls, you build a clear understanding of the varied Feel Good Life methods and tools. The post-class Apprenticeship calls challenge you to metabolize these tools so that you can deepen your teaching skills. This behind-the-scenes instruction is exclusive to the Apprenticeship Program.


Let community Inspire and Support you every step of the way

When the 8-week course is complete, we embark on two 60 min calls per month exclusive to the Apprentices. This intimate group experience allows for exponential growth and learning. Each of you learns from one another’s breakthroughs, challenges and practices, all under my close supervision. You connect deeply with other like-souled beings who are committed to grow personally and professionally. You’ll experience a sense of connection and abundance that continually revitalizes you.

Dainella Nartker, co-founder Destination11, founder RhinoFox.com, Registered Ortho-bionomy Practitioner

Dainella Nartker, co-founder Destination11, founder RhinoFox.com, Registered Ortho-bionomy Practitioner

Guest speaker on connecting with your desire while Monetizing your vision

Learn how tapping into your deeper desires and needs can relate to the business side of how you bring the Feel Good Life Method forth. Tangible, actionable skills to practice and enable you to stay in integrity with Self, no matter the storms while monetizing your vision. Dainella Nartker, Co-Founder of Destination11, energy practitioner, digital marketer and described as a Grounding by so many she finally accepts the title.


Become Certified in “The Feel Good Life” Method

You earn your Feel Good Life certification after completing specific requirements that demonstrate your competency. Our mutual goal is to maintain the integrity of this work in the world. Your certification means you have not only done the work, but you are a living example of it in body, mind and spirit.

Some Apprentices choose to take this work out into the corporate world. Some in race relations. Some in men’s groups. Some in schools. Some choose to begin at home, with their children, knowing that every time one of us practices this sacred method, the whole world now has more light because of it.

As a graduate, you also get to become a member of the Feel Good Life Coaching Team, allowing you to create online courses within the Feel Good Academy umbrella, and allowing you to coach participants as they move through the course modules.



Learn to trust your Self at a new level.

Customized to you and your intentions (even if you’re not yet clear on what those are
but you KNOW you should be doing this!)

Find out if this is a good fit for you. Schedule your free call with Me to get your questions answered.

I just had an amazing session with my client. It flowed so effortlessly and was really powerful.
I am so honored to be an Apprentice for the Feel Good Life Method. It is so exciting to be living and spreading this work.
— Eric Luczak, Feel Good Life Certified Practitioner, Coach, Blogger
Eric Luczak, a Feel Good Life Apprentice, with Isabelle Tierney

Eric Luczak, a Feel Good Life Apprentice, with Isabelle Tierney