Q. Do I need to be “Religious” for your work to change my life?

A. Transforming your life does not require you to grow dreads and become a hippy. My work is grounded in accepted therapy practices and neuroscience making it accessible to anyone no matter your belief system.


Q. Do you work with groups, couples, Or families?

A. Yes. I am a licensed marriage and family therapist and have been running groups for 10 years.


Q. Your rates are higher than I’m used to. why?

A. Three words: Impactful, sustainable results. I only work with those I am POSITIVE I can produce otherworldly results for and offer a free consultation to ensure we are a good match before we begin. Schedule your consultation HERE.


Q. Am I ‘fixed’ after 3 months or is this the sort of thing I have to keep doing to maintain results?

A. Most of my clients report significant, long-lasting results after 3 months. And, they often continue to work with me as they see higher and higher return on their investment through richer personal relationships, business interactions and enjoy the inner experience of self-transformation. Ultimately, it is your choice.


Q. I don’t live in Colorado. Can we work together remotely?

A. Absolutely. My client sessions are nearly 100% over video call. In-person retreats at Cloud9 and through Destination11 are available for a more intimate group experience.


Q. Do you travel to my location?

A. Yes. If we determine that my traveling to your home/work is of highest good for your transformation, we can discuss the physical and financial logistics of the trip(s).


Q. Will you offer more Online course in the near future?

A. Yes! Many more online courses are in the work, including a course on how to re-ignite your intimate relationship, how to let go of food and body image struggles, and how to navigate difficult emotions.


Q.How will i Know if you’re the right Coach for me?

A.I only work with people who are the right fit for me and who feel that I am the right fit for them. This is why I require a free consultation before we decide to work together. I will refer you out if we discover that I won’t be able to guide you as powerfully as possible.