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As any organizer knows, it can be risky bringing in a speaker. Will they be a fit for your audience? Are they easy to work with? Professional, yet relatable? Can they really connect with your group?!

I get it.

My talks explore unique, relevant topics with grounded and relatable language. They frequently transform a group by transmitting a sense of shared humanity for audience members. You and your group will walk away with more trust and clarity. My audiences report feeling inspired and hopeful about their capacity to change in real, sustainable ways.

Below is a sampling of the VIP talks I’ve presented at places such as, Barbara Brennan School of Healing, Hakomi Conference, Core Power Yoga, Odyssey Training Center, Boulder Valley School District, Camp Star Heart, Expand Retreat, Sierra Tucson Treatment Center and Inner Balance Health Center.

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Places I’ve spoken…

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Unconventional Life

Unconventional Life

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You have so many years of study to support you. The class was vibrant with your energy, enthusiasm, and ego-less offering.
I was spell-bound. I could have listened to you for hours, days…
Your confidence in using Love as your foundation in Life brought tears to my eyes.
You have re-inspired my life.
— Robert Armon, Architect


A sampling of my talks…

The #1 Hack to an Optimal Life: How to Navigate difficult emotions

Many of us believe that a “feel-good” life is one filled with positive emotions and devoid of “negative” ones.  We prefer to feel love, joy, pleasure and peace but struggle with grief, anger, fear, or frustration…

 When we experience difficult emotions, we feel like there’s something wrong with us. We try strategies that include rejecting them, numbing them with painful habits, discharging them at others, turning them against ourselves, and more.

We often stop living a full life because we fear feeling “too much”.  

This leads to stress, unhappiness, and a focus on “playing small” at home and in the workplace.  

After this talk, audience members walk away knowing how to skillfully navigate ALL emotions, leading them to experience optimal health personally and professionally.

Your group will feel EMPOWERED about their ability to face any challenges that life brings their way no matter how big or small.

“I had never ever met a teacher that was willing to share and teach about this topic - the hard emotions - the ones that can destroy us if we don’t learn to manage well. Attending Isabelle’s talk gave me language and clarity about how to do this. Grief has started to transform into gratitude and life seems to be beautiful again. Emotional Alchemy, Thanks Isabelle.” Catalina Vasquez, Unconventional Life Attendee


Let go of painful habits and recover freedom

Everyone struggles with painful habits. We’ve been taught that these habits are “bad” and that we need to get rid of them as fast as possible. This often requires deprivation, criticism, and self-rejection.

How has that worked for you? What if there was a perfectly good reason for your painful habits?

In this talk, you and your audience members discover a radically different way to let go of painful habits. Rather than using rejection and sacrifice, you use love and acceptance. The need to act false-good habits out dissipates and the authentic desire to cultivate feel good ones arises instead.

“I love this material and the numerous, practical, simple yet deep and spiritual ways that Isabelle addresses painful habits.  I use this material personally and professionally.” Alyson Jiron, Registered Psychotherapist


Success without Stress: How to live a feel good life no matter what

You seem to have it all: a great family, a successful career, a full social calendar.

And yet, inside, where no one can see it, you feel stressed-out, anxious, and exhausted. You might struggle with painful habits like overeating, drinking too much, or bingeing on Netflix.

Worst of all, you feel disconnected from your Self . This impacts your capacity to connect with others and to show up in creative, inspired, and powerful ways. Your health and income can also suffer.

If this describes your group, this talk will provide them with tools to decrease their stress and increase their vitality, creativity, and capacity to thrive. Based on the latest scientific research, this talk will teach them how to create success without stress even when life is overly busy.

You can learn to create success without stress in your relationships, your parenting, your work, and your personal health.

“Isabelle offers concrete information and peppers it with fun, visual examples that help bring the concepts to life. She exudes warmth, sincerity and an amazing ability to connect with listeners. Thank you so much, Isabelle, for sharing with our clients the path to living a life of peace, love and joy. “ Susan Rose, Owner/ CEO Susan Rose Productivity Coaching, LLC.


Feel Good Sustainably

Have you noticed that it’s really hard to feel good for long? You feel good for a while, but soon notice that you sabotage yourself by acting out painful habits like overeating or fighting with your partner.  

 What’s going on?

In this talk, you and your audience members discover a humbling truth: It’s actually quite hard to feel good sustainably! We are literally wired to not feel good (stressed out, tired, irritable…) rather than feel peaceful, loving, and joyful.

Get inspired and gain powerful tools to help you rewire and increase your feel good levels so that you can finally feel good for ‘good’! 

“Isabelle's approach is compelling, challenging, humorous and loving.  She was mesmerizing and it seemed as though no one in the room wanted it to end as we held on to every moment. “ Emma Segura, M.A., LPC


Why is it so hard to change? Healing our Zones of Turbulence

Transformation. Exponential Growth. Living your Best Life. This is the buzz that we often hear as we walk the path of change.

Sounds easy right? “Just” show up, manifest it and magic will occur. So why are many of us still stuck despite our best efforts?

Learn a map of what it actually takes to create huge change. Detail for yourself, not just the actions to take in order grow, but also the unspoken places that show up behind the scenes. The unspoken places that paralyze our best efforts, including, subtle resistances, limiting beliefs, unfelt emotions and evolutionary fears. These places are the “Zones of Turbulence” that hamstring our best efforts.

Get ready to bring awareness and healing to your Zones of Turbulence so that your capacity to grow and change will be exponential.

“Engaging, thorough, yet concise.  Isabelle has a strong ability to establish and hold a sacred container that facilitates growth and insight. I appreciated Isabelle's enthusiasm and her transparency as well as the practical solutions that were presented!” Amanda Rusher


20mins a day to keep the doctor away

Have you heard, ‘Just meditate’, as a solution for everything from stress relief to boosting your health? Wondering what the big deal is? And, really, how does it actually work?

The power of meditation to relieve a panic attack.

Me too. So I dove into understanding the science behind meditation. Deeply.

Leverage my knowledge to quickly learn the ‘how’, ‘what’ and ‘why’ behind having a consistent meditation practice is one of the easiest actions you can take for your overall HEALTH and SUCCESS.

This talk is an interactive conversation and presentation on the miraculous tool that is meditation that cut through the fluff and straight shoot why I am a convert. Meditation is an accessible tool that creates HUGE change. I am beyond excited to share the ‘Why?’ along with the ‘How?’ of meditating.

I was blown away by her knowledge of the science of the way our brains work and the practical aspect of how our bodies respond to stress. I remain at a really high level of stress almost all the time, even though there was no real reason that I should be there so often. She offered us tools to help pull us back into relaxation response, where humans should be living most of the time.
— Tammy J., Owner Whippooorwheel Studio