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mission statement

We stand for women to have it all—to thrive in their careers, health, and relationships.

stress less, thrive more
Isabelle || Utah 2021

Who We Help

We help high-achieving women claim a life of joy, energy, ease, and sustainable success. Our clients aspire not only to professional success, but also personal well-being. They want to feel confident and energized in their bodies, present and engaged in their relationships, and passionate about their lives. They want to recover precious time for themselves and their loved ones. We are here to support them in achieving all of these dreams and to discover what it means to thrive.

What We Do

We guide women to “come alive” again and experience a renewal of energy, vitality, inspiration, connection, and joy. We do this through our signature offer, the Stress Less, Thrive More program. We guide women to release stress, revitalize their well-being, restore balance to their lives, and nurture their relationships with themselves and others. This creates a positive ripple-effect that extends beyond their lives and helps make our world a better place, one person at a time.

Our Philosophy

simple & proven systems
We believe transformation should be simple. Our Methodology is easy-to-follow and it seamlessly becomes a part of daily life.
step-by-step guidance
We are committed to supporting you at every step. We provide individualized coaching to support your unique and evolving needs.
sustainable results
We “thrive” on creating transformational results for our clients, and leverage science, psychology, and spirituality to help you change sustainably.

Our Team

Isabelle Tierney

Isabelle Tierney

CEO, M.A. in Psychology, Licensed Therapist, Stress Management Expert

Raya Schroeder

Raya Schroeder

COO, B.A. in Psychology, Certified Facilitator of the Methodology

Philip Nicholas

Philip Nicholas

Master Certified Facilitator of the Methodology